Arrowhead Gallery ETC

The Arrowhead Gallery ETC is a collaborative venture between the Southern Utah Art Guild and the City of St. George.

The  Arrowhead Gallery ETC is a co-op gallery of 35+ artists from the Southern Utah Art Guild. The galley has a diverse selection of art from all mediums – painting, photography, jewelry, ceramics, and metal. The artists represented range from amateurs to retired professionals. All have a passion for creating beautiful art.  

The gallery isn’t about one artist or one style or medium – it is about a diversity of art and creativity. This is about a co-op of artists with a collective desire to create art and explore ways to share their art with others.

The Arrowhead Gallery ETC is located in the Electric Theater Center, 68 E Tabernacle, St. George. The gallery is open Tuesday throughSaturday, 11 to 6. The gallery is also open during performances in the Electric Theater.

68 E Tabernacle, St George, Utah